The sonnet below was created by a hidden markov model trained on every sonnet written by William Shakespearre. Refresh the page to generate another one on the spot.

beauty no pencil beautys truth to lay
no love toward others in that i have seen by times fell hand defaced
tis better to be
such cherubins as your bounty doth appear
but these particulars are not so stout
more flowers i noted yet i know it not sinful then striving to mend
thy dial how thy precious minutes waste
but heaven in thy creation did decree
or ten times thyself were happier than thou hadst before
and weep afresh loves long since cancelld woe
those children nursed deliverd from thy heart
or bends with the time that face should form another
where art thou muse that thou in this
her eyes so suited and they shall live and die as fast as objects to his store